Birds of these waters

Situated in the east of Mallorca, Spain where the mountains meet the sea

A Glimpse of Paradise

Are you tempted by the beauties of nature?

Ses Aigos is a farm situated near Felanitx, on the island of Mallorca, Spain.
The farm has been the centre of a number of ecological and practical studies, which you can explore using the navigation links at the top of this page

What is Ses Aigos?

Water and food are more powerful than money or gold

The project: Ses Aigos is a valley about 5 kms inland,in the South Eastern region of the island of Mallorca. It is the name registered on the local map of the area and it means these 'waters'.It is a way of turning an impoverished valley into a an abundant paradise the way areas of the earth were before man interfered.

You will find below a list of information gathered by the project over the last 25 years.